Friday, October 28, 2011

Maria Elena kowt!!!


Today cam biasa. I was online my mukabuku, then i opened my bloggy then i saw Maria Elena review entry about Girl Talk part2. Then i surf there lah and i was like what???? Maria Elena was already ENGAGED. homaigod, i was shocking lah cos i never know lah pulak that Maria Elina's Dato was Fatin Liyana's brothers. Ke i'm the one who got to know???  Huuu, lame. After all, i was happy lah for Maria Elena. They look very matched together and i pray for them to be together forever. =D

The engagement or merisik ke ape ntah (not really sure) was really simple. It's between the family only without involving family members. I think it is okay jea as it is only adat. Their appearance also simple and casual like celebrating a birthday party. Muahahaha. Joking only kak Maria, Chill. =) 

Here is the picture i took from kak Maria's blog. Enjoy.

 Maria Elena with her Dato.

 Maria Elena families and Dato families.

 See the ring box looks like rose. 
(owh, jealous...will request future husband that thing also lah)

There you go...see Fatin Liyana with her future sister-in-law. =)

I wish and pray Maria Elena and her future husband, Dato will carry forward to marriage and have daughter, son, bla bla bla till ever lah Amin =D May Allah bless you, insya-Allah. Amin.

(credit to Maria Elena blog for pics: )

the end. kbai.


  1. owh... asfirdaus mmg fatin liyana pny bro... tau pon coz my fren minat giler kat due couple sweet... dato' n maria elena... so she add both of them in FB

  2. @syafinajohari

    Owh seriously mmg xtahu. Baru tahu. Lame.Hu2..btw tq kasi tau naa =D

  3. i was surprise too knowing that dato yang digembur2 kan tu abg f.l haha kecik je kan dunia :)



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