Friday, October 28, 2011

Feeling Exclusive??? Naaah, Executive jep~


Hye guys. You know tak, yesterday i was going somewhere near by the zouk eh silap2, the ZOO okai. It took about 3 hours to reach to that place okay as i use public transport (semput mak). Well, next entry i'l talk more about it okay.

I was wearing an exclusive, naaahh actually an executive suit jep. Muahaha. Well, i was very rare to wear those kind of suit or bla bla. Yes cos usually i love to wear tshirt and jeans only. Hurmm, but i have to biasa2 kan diri lah as the future carrier that i'll involve is at the office. Enough bla bla. You can see by yourself lah. Ok ke x? Ntah.

executive ok not exclusive~

Well, i was planning to change my header even my header is not good enough and even though i only used it not more than a month. I'm going make it simple and executive not exclusive. Daaa, xde kaitan pun nak relate kan. redundant* (lempang diam2) hahahahaha.


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