Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saya Suka Dress! 1st Giveaway

Salam and Hi,

Just now I blog-walking to this one blog which is Saya Suka DresS!. Then I saw they do some giveaway and I just try my luck by create this entry.

b a n n er

Well to tell the truth, I'm not like a ladies type person. Huhu. Tahu tak Cik Tim telah mendapat gelaran BRO oleh bebudak lelaki especially yang lelakinya. Dah penat dress up, make up bagai (but not to o extravaganza bagai, i know my limit) and end up they still call you Bro! Huk. They iz scratching ma Heart. Hahaha. That why I hope the dress can show some part of my ladies side. Hahaha.

So I do not want to share this alone so i invited this 3 gorgeous ladies together :D


To those 3 cik comeles, enjoy the giveaway :D

p/s: Tiada gambar (Cik Tim pakai dress) dapat ku paste kan sebab takde satu pun gamba pakai dress. I iz looser BRO. ;'(

Sincerely  ,
Cik Bro Tim

1 comment:

  1. Da click heartbeat awak. Click mine back~ ;D



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