Friday, January 20, 2012

The Result Released


Today is Friday. Syukran Ya Allah, it's raining today even just for a while. Today my final examination result for 3rd year semester 2 had released. And the result are DL. Amin Ya Allah. Even this is my second final semester at Uniten, i still be given a chance to have DL. Awesome. TQ Allah.

You know how grateful i was, i'm done my examination without enough preparation due busy with my assessment and thesis. Oh Allah, i thought that my result gonna be worst sangat kot. Then when the moment i saw the result i was bloated. Ha2...TQ Allah. TQ emak abah. Also TQ my friends.  

I had 1 more last semester at Uniten. Then i'll go for an internship. I hope and i must do my very best for my final semester. Ya Allah bantulah hambaMu ini. Amin.

Guys pray for me. I wish all of you being bless by Allah. Amin. *Peace2x

p/s: Abah, ape hadiah yang abah nak bagi kakak. Kekeke.

The end. kbai.

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