Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey its Balance~


Yesterday i helped my mother calculate the pay slip for the factory workers for the company that my emak work with. Actually i helped my mother a lil bit as i am an HR students so i might use my expertise to calculate it. Ha2 my emak said its balance ok. I just filled up the envelope with the pay slip and the voucher. But there's no money babeh. Bahaya kot. (*meme mak tak kasi tolonglah kalo the money involve). BTW the company still implement the traditional systems. So it's a bit tiring to calculate one by one and without any systems.  

This envelope contained no money meh ;p

After this, if there's any company who want a part time employee for compensation & benefit, you can call me. I'll send my cover letter and resume. Kekeke..(Konon dah hebat kan)

p/s: kchaing3x

the end. kbai.

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